Srpen 2009

Téma 2.6 - borůvky

24. srpna 2009 v 10:27 | Tereska* |  Obrázky
Téma: borůvky
Počet: 5

Téma 2.5 - krásný dorty

24. srpna 2009 v 10:19 | Tereska* |  Obrázky
Téma: krásný dorty
Počet: 11

Téma 2.4 - stromky

11. srpna 2009 v 11:55 | Tereska* |  Obrázky
Téma: stromky
Počet: 9

Rise Against - Hero of war

10. srpna 2009 v 10:54 | Tereska* |  Akordy
E, B
Verse 1
He said, E"Son,
Have you see the G#mworld?
Well, what would youAsay
If I said that youE could?
Just carry this Agun and you'll even getEpaid."
I said, "That sounds pretty Hgood."

Black leather Eboots
Spit-shined so G#mbright
They cut off my Ahair but it looked Ealright
We marched and we Asang
We all became Efriends
As we learned Hhow to fight

A hero of C#mwar
Yeah that's what I'll Abe
And when I come Ehome
They'll be damn proud of Bme
I'll carry this C#mflag
To the grave if I Amust
Because it's flag that I Elove
And a flag that I Htrust

I kicked in the Edoor
I yelled my G#mcommands
The children, they Acried
But I got my Eman
We took him Aaway
A bag over his Eface
From his family and his Hfriends
They took off his Eclothes
They pissed in his G#mhands
I told them to Astop
But then I joiEned in
We beat him with gAuns
And batons not just onEce
But again and agHain

She walEked through bullets and hG#maze
I asked her to sAtop
I begged her to sEtay
But she pressed A on
So I lifted my Egun
And I fired aHway
The shEells jumped through theG#m smoke
And into the saAnd
That the blood now had sEoaked
She collapsed with a flag in her Ehand
A flag white asH snow

A hero of wC#mar
Is that what they Asee
Just medals and scaErs
So damn proud ofH me
And I brought home that flag
Now it gathers duAst
But it's a flag that I Elove
It's the only flag I tHrust

EHe said, "Son, have you seen the G#mworld?
Well what would you Asay, if I said that you Ecould?"